The Toronto Circuit of the North American mission of the Methodist church Ghana, saw another incredible milestone with the emergence of another offspring of the church- Wesley Methodist Church, Edmonton. The architect of this new move was the almighty God who made his plans known to a group of individuals. The early beginnings of the church can be traced to a meeting that was held at the residence of Very Rev. Dr. Samuel O. Agyapong. This meeting took place on the 30th of October 2011 at apartment number 305 on 11715 124 St. The meeting was comprise of three other people, namely; Ebenezer Acheampong, Kwadwo Asamoah and Emelia Coffie. The vision was to establish a Methodist Church in Edmonton under the umbrella of the Methodist Church Ghana. As part of the plans to make this new vision a reality, a second meeting was held on the same venue on the 13th of November
2011. This time, however, the number had increased to seven people. They included; Rev. S. O. Agyapong, Ebenezer Acheampong, Kwadwo Asamoah, Emelia Coffie, K. Ampofo, Paul Mensah and Abigail Agyeiwaa.

In order to formalize a strategy to make the dream come true, the following decisions were made during that meeting:

a. The church would be called Wesley Methodist Church,Edmonton
b. Church service would be held every Sunday at 2pm. Bro. K Asamoah and wife Sis. Emelia Coffie offered their living room for worship until a permanent place was found.
c. The following interim leaders were appointed to steer the affairs of the church at the time

  • Ebenezer Acheampong– Secretary
  • K. Ampofo – P.R.O
  • Emelia Coffie–Treasurer

On 20th Nov. 2011, the first Church Service was held at 2pm in the living room of the residence of the Asamoah family.
The service was officiated by Very Rev. Dr. Samuel Agyapong. The following people were present at the meeting:

  1. Very Rev. S. O. Agyapong – officiating Minister
  2. Ebenezer Acheampong
  3. Kwadwo Asamoah
  4. Emelia Coffie
  5. Paul Mensah
  6. K. Ampofo
  7. Abigail Agyeiwah

While taking advantage of the offer made, every effort was also made to get a church building because the church believed that there are many people who would like to join but would prefer a meeting place other than someone’s home. In a search of a suitable place of worship, the church contacted some of the churches within its catchment area. The Minister in Charge of St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Rev. Stephen Hallford and his congregation offered their basement as a place for the church to meet. Not only did they offer their basement but also put the place in a rightful shape and has continued to be an active partner to the growth of the church. Thanks to the Rev. Stephen Hallford and the St. Peter’s Anglican Parish of Edmonton for their immeasurable support.

On the first Sunday of December 2011, the church relocated it meeting place from Sis Emelia’s house to the basement of St. Peter’s Anglican Church at 11035 127 St. NW. This place still serves as a venue for the church’s meeting on Saturday and on Sundays. The first Sunday service at this new venue is also remarkable as part of church’s history. This time the number had increased to nine with two people joining the earlier group. They are, Charlotte Opoku and Edward Fosu. The church had continued to grow both spiritually and physically. Currently, the church’s membership stands at 63 with an average number of thirty five to fifty attending church service every Sunday. This growth is predicated as a result of the commitment and dedicated nature of the church’s leadership. The various organizations that has been formed in the church include Women’s fellowship, Girls fellowship, Youth fellowship and Men’s fellowship. The church has been registered and given a charitable organization number.

On the 21st of January, 2012, the Supt Minister in Charge of Canada Mission Circuit, Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Asare-Kusi paid his first visit to the church. Rev. Emmanuel Ohene Gyimah, a residence minister in charge of the Ghana Methodist Church, Montreal also visited us on the 24th of June 2012.

The following people currently constitute the leaders meeting of the church;

  • Very Rev. Dr. Samuel O. Agyapong (Minister in charge) – Chairman
  • Bro. Ebenezer Acheampong – Society Steward
  • Bro. Joseph Amoah – Assistant Steward
  • Sis. Sylvia Atta-Mensah – Leaders Meeting Secretary
  • Bro. Francis Benyah – Assistant Secretary
  • Bro. P. Atta Mensah – Chapel Steward
  • Sis Agnes Osei-Hwedie
  • Sis. Emelia Kwofie
  • Bro Paul Mensah
  • Bro Kwadwo Asamoah
  • Bro. Ben Nartey
  • Sis. Grace Nartey
  • Sis. Stephanie Agyapong
  • Bro. Kwadwo Asamoah