About The Ghana Methodist Church

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The Conference of The Methodist Church of Ghana came into being in July 1961. It had been an Overseas District of British Methodism so it adopted the British Methodism leadership of Presidency and Secretary of Conference. On January 1, 1835 The Pioneer Methodist Missionary, Joseph Dunewell, landed at Cape Coast in Gold Coast presently Ghana and began work among the Mfantse-speaking people of the Coast of whom some were already converted Christians.

In the first eight years of the Church’s life, 11 out of 21 missionaries who worked in the Gold Coast died. Thomas Birch Freeman, who arrived at the Gold Coast in 1838 was among the greatest pioneers of missionary expansion. Between 1838 and 1857 he carried Methodism from the Mfantse coastland to Badagry and Abeokuta in Nigeria , and to Kumasi in the Asante hinterlands of the Gold Coast. He later died in Accra in 1890.

The Methodist ministry in the Northern part of Ghana began in 1910. After a long period of conflict between the Indigenes and the Colonial Government, missionary work was finally established in 1955 with Rev. Paul Adu as the first indigenous missionary of the North . Thirty-six years later, the Northern Ghana District, now a Diocese, was inaugurated on November 10, 1991 at Tamale. Missionary work there includes agriculture and rural health services made possible by mobile clinic units.

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